Children’s Clinic

A low-cost community acupuncture clinic for babies, children and teenagers every Thursday afternoon.

Charlotte and Mim have come together to create a low-cost community acupuncture clinic for children – the Blossom Tree Clinic – with a shared vision that acupuncture treatment should be accessible to children from families on low incomes. We envisage our clinic will also make regular treatment affordable for those children with chronic, long-standing conditions and who need ongoing treatment.

The room is set up with two beds next to each other divided by a screen, so that another child may be having a treatment at the same time as yours. Children can feel reassured by the presence of other children and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the room.

What to expect
We have created a relaxed and friendly space for children, young people and their parents. Before the treatment begins, we will take time to get to know the child and their health history. Each child is treated according to their own unique set of conditions and symptoms.

Needle-free acupuncture
Fear of needles does not need to be a barrier to treatment! In paediatric care, in addition to ultra fine needles, we use a suite of other modalities both to supplement and as an alternative to needles, including moxibustion, low level laser and Chinese massage.

The Team
Charlotte and Mim have post-graduate diplomas in Paediatric Acupuncture and have completed First Aid courses. Read more about Charlotte here and Mim here.

Sliding Scale Fees
To help make treatment accessible to as many families as possible we offer a sliding scale.
You choose what you pay, no questions asked.

Low incomeAverage incomeSupporter
First Appointment£36£42£48
Follow up appointments£22£26£30

Supporter rate: For families who are financially secure and can afford treatment.
Average income family rate: Families with some financial struggle but manage to make ends meet.
Low income family rate: Families who struggle to make ends meet and often don’t.

In order to keep running the Blossom Tree Children’s Clinic, we rely on as many families as possible to pay us at the higher end of the scale. If you are able to do this, you are helping us to keep treating children whose families struggle with real economic hardship and you are supporting our clinic to stay open.

We are very aware that there are some families for whom our fees are still beyond their means. We are currently looking into other funding streams and hope to be able to offer funded places for those in most financial need in the future. 

I found Charlotte to be very professional, with a lovely approachable personality that put me instantly at ease.”


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