Charlotte has completely healed my migraines, along with helping me through a lot of anxiety. She is very understanding of any issues, making it easy and comfortable to talk to her, and the treatment is rejuvenating and relaxing. I had never had acupuncture before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but its a painless, beneficial, and gentle treatment, so definitely try it if you are unsure! I will definitely be returning to Charlotte in the future and recommend her to anyone.

Amber, acupuncture dartington

I have been seeing Charlotte regularly for a number of years as I have found acupuncture to be very beneficial for my menopausal symptoms as well as for my sense of general well being. As well as being an excellent acupuncturist (evidenced by the fact that I often leave the treatment room feeling instantly better, and if not instantly often feel positive benefits within 24 hours), I have always found Charlotte to be a sympathetic and insightful listener – qualities which contribute to her practice as an holistic healer.

Donna, totnes acupuncture

Charlotte has worked miracles on my back, my knee and other ailments. I now see Charlotte’s treatment as an important tonic to my everyday life and health. Charlotte is caring  understanding and non-judgemental. I could not recommend anyone better. – Sunni

Sunni, dartington acupuncture

I’d been suffering headaches from a hayfever allergy for a number of years needing to take anti-histamine tablets on a daily basis. I’d never really considered acupuncture until a relative of a friend recommended Charlotte to me. I was nervous of the very idea of acupuncture but after my first session with Charlotte I was reassured that it was painless, calming, and revitalising experience. I had a course of acupuncture treatments with Charlotte and am over the moon to say that I no longer have to tolerate those muzzy hayfever headaches and days where it almost felt and seemed like I had a cold. So, much praise goes out to Charlotte who is a very knowledgeable, responsive, relaxed and experienced acupuncturist who is simply passionate about her work and helping her clients back to wellness.

Geoff, dartington acupuncture

Absolutely wonderful, Charlotte’s treatment is incredible! She is so skilled at treating the whole body with amazing results.

lesley, Dartington acupuncture

I went to see Charlotte whilst suffering with upper back tension, and pain. I felt very much at ease with Charlotte’s gentle and kind presence. After a consultation, and reading my pulses Charlotte offered me some cupping, which I’ve not had before and was quite curious about. It really relaxed the contraction in my upper back. I’m so glad to say my back has been so much better since the treatment and would heartily recommend Charlotte. – Jane

Jane, totnes acupuncture

As I was in severe pain and normal treatment wasn’t working I decided to try acupuncture. I didn’t know anyone who had had this treatment but I made an appointment with Charlotte. I was very  surprised how relaxing it is and it has been a great help in reducing my pain. It has made such a difference to me and I now have a greatly improved quality of life.

Monty, totnes acupuncture

I found Charlotte to be very professional, with a lovely approachable personality that put me instantly at ease. It was very easy to talk to her about my issue and I felt that she really listened to me and then understood how to help me, taking a holistic perspective that included factors I had not thought of myself. The acupuncture was painless and relaxing, the whole experience was very soothing and gave relief to my headaches. I fully recommend Charlotte to anyone. – Emma

emma, totnes acupuncture

Charlotte’s acupuncture session with me left me feeling totally energised. Her careful investigation into my health and clear passion towards what she does really helped me feel that I could instantly trust her. I can not wait for my second session 🙂 Thank you so much I feel great.

Charlie, acupuncture totnes

I went to Charlotte for acupuncture as I had been suffering from lower back pain on and off for months. I found Charlotte very professional and thorough in the initial diagnoses process (basically a nice chat about me) before the acupuncture. The actual acupuncture was painless and very relaxing. I felt the benefits immediately and suffered no side effects. After a follow up session my back pain is now a thing of the past. A very professional service which I thoroughly recommend.

Bruna, acupuncture totnes

I chose acupuncture to try to induce the labour of my son as I was nine days over due and wanted to try a unobtrusive method to get things started. As this was my first time I was surprised at how relaxing it was, I felt totally at ease with Charlotte and the treatment. The Acupuncture treatment is quite painless, I was so relaxed after and I feel like it defiantly worked because my waters broke the following day! saving me from having to be induced. It was such a relief to finally go into labour, its no fun being that heavily pregnant! I look forward to going again for some follow up treatment and would defiantly recommend acupuncture to other ‘over due’ mums looking to gently encourage labour.

Izzy, acupuncture exeter

I had had acupuncture for many years, but I began to feel stuck and questioned whether the treatment was helping. I have had treatment with Charlotte for 2 months and I am definitely feeling the benefit. After my first session, I felt a shift in my emotional state and I began to notice a lift in my energies. I feel I am beginning a new level of healing and in particular, I think that five element acupuncture is working on a deep integral level. I find Charlotte’s gentle, compassionate approach really puts me at ease, so I can relax and get the most out of treatment. I feel listened to by Charlotte and treated with respect and care.

Anna, acupuncture totnes

Charlotte’s relaxed manner and ease in assessing the treatment required, gave me a feeling of total confidence.  It was my first experience of acupuncture and I found it amazing.


I had a programme of acupuncture treatment with Charlotte to treat migraines.The sessions helped reduce the frequency and intensity of my migraines. She looked at my migraines from a holistic perspective. In addition to the needle treatment we had in-depth conversations about the causes that may trigger my migraines. This was very helpful because it made me more aware of how my migraines happen and how I should deal with them. I usually tend to stay in bed and stop everything when I get a migraine but she made me aware of the fact that gentle exercise such as a walk might be something to consider instead. I have followed this advice and it has proven very helpful. She also advised me on my diet in accordance with the symptoms I had explained. I have not necessarily changed my diet completely but now know about foods that are “good” for me and I try to include them more in my diet. Charlotte is an extremely professional acupuncturist and she is very sensitive to the anxiety that some people may have when treated with needles for the first time. She is also a very good listener which helps a lot when the causes of a condition might be unclear to the patient.

Julie, oxford
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