For your first acupuncture appointment please allow up to 80 minutes, which includes a full diagnosis consultation and treatment. For follow up treatments please allow up to 50 minutes.

I am taking appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Park Road,
Dartington Hall Estate,

Prices – Adults
Initial consultation including first treatment (up to 80 minutes): £60
Subsequent treatments (up to 50 minutes): £45

Prices – babies, children and teenagers  (0-18 year olds)
Initial consultation including first treatment (up to 50 minutes) £40
Subsequent treatments for children 0-11 years old (up to 25 minutes ): £25
Subsequent treatment for children 12-18 years old (up to 50 minutes): £40

If you have private medical insurance, treatment may be covered under your policy.

Free no-obligation consultation
Please feel free to call me or email me to discuss your situation and how acupuncture can help you. I offer a free 15 minute consultation in my Totnes clinic so that you can meet me and discuss your needs.

I have a card machine and accept cash.

Please give at least 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel an appointment. Half the treatment fee is payable for missed appointments or late cancellations if I cannot fill your place.

6 thoughts on “Appointments

  1. Good evening Charlotte, I would like to know more about your fertility acupuncture please, I’m very interested in talking to you and booking a session.

  2. I have had more invasive surgery than I care to rember, both life giving and mobility risk.
    To name just 3 of my major surgeries spinal fusion lumbar,
    Heart bypass and bowel resection.
    I am currently suffering severe pain from arthris and fibro myalgea for which I can only take paracetamol.

  3. Hello, I’m contacting you re my dad. He had a hip replacement years ago and later had it reoperated on. He has been in constant pain ever since the first operation. He has lower back pain due to worn discs. Do you think that acupuncture could help him to get rid of the pain?

  4. Hello Samantha
    I am sorry to hear about the pain your father is suffering. Yes I think acupuncture could help him, it can be very effective in alleviating pain. Has he ever had acupuncture before?
    Warmest wishes,

  5. Hi Charlotte
    I am currently suffering a lot of pain due to surgeries and now arthritis and FM.
    Do you think accupuncture may help? As I cannot take strong painkillers or anti inflams.
    Feeling hopeless

  6. Hello Lester
    I am sorry to hear you are feeling so hopeless. Yes I think acupuncture could really help you. Please do give us a call or email to discuss further if that would be helpful.
    Warmest wishes,

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