Report shows acupuncture helps relieve joint pain in women with breast cancer

Acupuncture with Charlotte Johnston
Treatments helping women with side effects of breast cancer drugs

Over the past 6 years of practising acupuncture in Totnes, I have treated a number of women who have been suffering from the side effects of cancer drugs. I have been delighted by the positive feedback I have received from my patients. So I was very pleased to read about this recent study, published in JAMA last week, that gives an evidence base to support my first hand experience. The study finds that acupuncture helps to reduce the side effects of breast cancer treatment.

Women taking aromatase inhibitors, which block the production of oestrogen, in the early stages of breast cancer can often experience joint pain. But this latest study, which was carried out by researchers at New York Presbyterian and included 226 post-menopausal women, demonstrated ‘statistically significant improvements’ in the group that received true acupuncture, as opposed to a sham treatment or no treatment at all.

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